Friday, October 31, 2008

A broken Life

I'm gonna start this post by I said in the previous post, this was not my origional idea. It also went faster than I thought. I was going to do it tonight, but I was eager to get it done....I wanted to share it (and I planned to do it tonight...but I'm getting old and I knew I would fall asleep). This is the piece of pottery that I used. This is obviously the before picture. I got this as a wedding gift and I kept it in the kitchen to hold all my kitchen utensils. It is very beautiful is it not? My daughter was flabbergasted that I even thought about dropping this thing on the concrete and shattering it....ON PURPOSE!!! One day she'll understand.

We've all been through something in our lives that is not pleasant. Some of us have been through more than others. No matter what it is, during the time of it happening we all think that no one else understands and that it's the worst thing in the world to be happening to anybody. That's an understandable thing to be thinking at the time. But there is one who really does understand what we are going through. He has been through it all. His name is Jesus. He took our place and died for our sins. For those of us that have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior, He wants to live through our lives. He wants to shine through us so that others want the relationship that we have with Him. Do you know how that relationship grows stronger? There are a couple ways that happens. One, we have to spend time with Him. We have to talk to Him, spend time in His word (the Bible). What's the other way? Well, our faith has to grow in Him for us to trust Him and grow in Him. How?? It has to be tested. This means we must go through trials. I've heard it put different ways. Another good way to put it is that we must be refined like gold. Gold must be put through intense heat to get all the impurities out of it. Uncomfortable?? Probably. But afterwards, is gold not extremely beautiful? Diamonds....they are very beautiful as well. But to get to a diamond, the outer layer must be shattered and broken away. Painful?? I would bet. But diamonds are very valuable...and every woman would love a diamond....right, girls? Well, the same goes for our lives. We are gold...we are diamonds. But we must go through some painful, uncomfortable things to get where we are supposed to be in our faith.

A Broken, Shattered Life

Ok, now we've seen an illustration of a broken life. (yes, I went outside and threw down that beautiful piece of pottery) When your life is broken like that you don't think that anything can put it back together again. Kind of like the nursery rhyme humpty dumpty:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the Kings horses and all the Kings men

Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again.

How true is that nursery rhyme? I mean think about it. We humans try as hard as we can to put our lives and other people's lives back together again. (Kings horses and men) but only the King Himself can put a life back together again. And if you let him do it He can do it. But a WILL NOT be the same ever again. This is not a bad thing. Yes, you will have scars (cracks), you may never look the same again....but like I read on that other blogsite that explained this "therapy tool,"....."you must be cracked so that God can pour out of the cracks of your life." This is so true. I've seen it evidenced in my life. And even though the world may not see those cracks as beautiful, they are the most beautiful thing ever. So no matter how cracked you might are more beautiful than ever.

A cracked, but beautiful pot

So to all you beautiful cracked pots out there....I love you and lets stick together and let God pour out of our cracks.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Blog

Ok, I started a new blog. I'm keeping this blog as well, but the other one is going to be even more intimate (for me). I am going to be putting my prayer journal entries (from 1999 until now) onto this other blog. It's sort of a way to really show my journey from how I was in high school until now. It's really interesting how you can see the growth from then until now. I ask that if you do read them, please don't leave critical comments. I do know that some of my prayers were very judgemental.....I was very immature and I prayed for things for other people that I needed to be praying in my own life...I can see that now. There are times that I prayed for people by name and when I prayed for them in a good way (praising God for them) I kept their name in there. But if I was praying for something going on with them that wasn't so good, I have kept their name out. I will warn you that sometimes my prayers are really from the heart and they share some secrets that I held (and maybe even still hold today) and so there might be some content that is not for children. Ok, I don't get really graphic, but I talk about some things that are not for children to see or hear. It's very hard to talk about those things, because most people do not know about them, but I think I wrote in the first post on that blog...."what the light reveals, it heals." So I guess that's all I can tell you about it without you actually reading it. Here's the site:

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's happening!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

It's finally happening. Our daughter is moving in this weekend. Praise the Lord. I guess our patience finally paid off....ok, I wasn't as patient as I should have been, but it's happening. I'm so glad. After she moves in the next thing will be finalizing probably in April (that's the word so far). It's going to be so different having her thru the week. I hope things keep going as well as they are. She's a great girl and I love her so much. She has already started writing her name as Martaysha Soodsma. I think it looks so good when she writes it down....but that's just a proud mom talking. For now that's all I have, but we will keep you posted on how life is with a teenager full time instead of on the weekends. I bet I vent a lot more on here than I did even now. This will be my refuge....from my wonderful and precious No, it will be fine even thru the hard times. It will be nice to have her around for the holidays and for starting those new traditions that we wanted to do with our children. She's so funny, cause she already started asking for a baby sister. I told her just to pray about it and see what God does. I'm anxious to see what He does. Anyway, I better go. I'm gonna enjoy my last few days of coming home to an empty house and being able to do what I want when I I'll keep you posted.