Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Blog

Ok, I started a new blog. I'm keeping this blog as well, but the other one is going to be even more intimate (for me). I am going to be putting my prayer journal entries (from 1999 until now) onto this other blog. It's sort of a way to really show my journey from how I was in high school until now. It's really interesting how you can see the growth from then until now. I ask that if you do read them, please don't leave critical comments. I do know that some of my prayers were very judgemental.....I was very immature and I prayed for things for other people that I needed to be praying in my own life...I can see that now. There are times that I prayed for people by name and when I prayed for them in a good way (praising God for them) I kept their name in there. But if I was praying for something going on with them that wasn't so good, I have kept their name out. I will warn you that sometimes my prayers are really from the heart and they share some secrets that I held (and maybe even still hold today) and so there might be some content that is not for children. Ok, I don't get really graphic, but I talk about some things that are not for children to see or hear. It's very hard to talk about those things, because most people do not know about them, but I think I wrote in the first post on that blog...."what the light reveals, it heals." So I guess that's all I can tell you about it without you actually reading it. Here's the site:

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