Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Being Content

I am really learning how to be content where God has me at the moment. Right now I would love to have a baby. I don't have one, and I'm not even pregnant. Talk about a reason to be unhappy with my circumstances. But I am realizing that God has His reasons for me not being pregnant. Even though I don't understand and I may not really like it all the time. But God told me something the other day. I should be taking this time with my husband and cherishing it. We don't have to share our time with a baby. We don't have to make decisions around a baby. We can pretty much do what we want when we want to. No babysitters, no worrying about a baby. Yes, I still want a baby, but I feel that God is really telling me to take this time with my husband and have fun....not take it for granted. When we do have a baby I may look back sometimes and wish we had times like these...the freedom of not having a baby. But yet on the other hand I feel like I am ready and willing to share my time with a baby. A precious gift from God....but I choose to be content with where God has me now. He has perfect and wonderful plans for me. Plans that will not harm me but will be good for me.

Lord, thank you for the chance that I have to be with my husband alone and not have to share my time with a baby. Thank you that your plans are perfect for me and are for my good. Help me choose to be content everyday where you have me at. If I am to be a mommy, I will be a mommy in Your timing. Thank you so much for all you do.

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