Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cowboy Church

I went and did a cowboy church service in Scott City on Sunday. It was so awesome. God had me go way out of my comfort zone. I actually did as much (if not more) talking than I did singing. My little program was 25 minutes long and I only did 4 songs and ended with a short hymn. The rest was sharing my testimony and what God has been teaching me. I pretty much took most of it from my last post. I added a little more, but the idea was the same. And as much as people told me they loved to hear this message, I got so much out of it. I learned that it's not so bad to share your heart with other people. It's a way of healing. I would never have guessed it would almost minister to me more than them. The thing is, it's a message that anyone can hear. We all go through trials, so that part they could all relate to. And sharing my own trials showed them that it's ok to grieve, to cry, to wonder what God is really doing in it all. Just as long as we are still clinging to the hope that God has a perfect plan for us. I hope I could show them that I'm just human and God is teaching me so much. I'm learning to rely on Him for my strength and the will to go on. It's ok to be sad and miss what I don't have with me, as long as I don't focus solely on what I'm missing. Because I have great things in my life, even in the midst of my loss. I really do just pray that I would have strong faith. I want to be like Scott when he went thru his eye cancer and we all could see his un-wavering faith. I want that kind of faith. I want un-wavering faith.

*p.s. In case any of you are wondering, yes, I deleted some of my posts from this summer.

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