Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What a wacky, crazy, husband I have!

Here are a couple of pictures of Scott again. He has been really creative and has some more great ideas fothe rest of the week. The picture with the Christmas Tree was from last Friday and the other picture is from today. I took two angles for the last picture. It looks a little gross, but the Pollock Family in Alta Vista knows what it really is. Here goes....

By the way...that's supposed to be a postage stamp....notice the 41 in the corner?

It's a plastic eyeball that came from some funny glasses Scott got for Christmas from my parents. Here, I'll show you the picture of the glasses...

Boy did we have a fun weekend at my parents house. It started out very interesting. I'll leave that for another post. This one is interesting enough and I have to keep you all coming back for more funny stories.

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