Thursday, December 27, 2007

I don't have patience

Hello everyone. I haven't posted anymore pictures of Scott in a while, but I do have some that I need to get on here. I just don't have my camera with me at the computer. He has been just as ornery about putting funny things on his patch. And yesterday I got to go watch them change the packing in the eye socket. It's really not that bad. I guess I've become numb to all that with having to change the patch all the time. But it was cool, the hole is only big enough to put a marble in....and my dad said at first it was big enough to put a golf ball in it.

Well, now on to why I wanted to blog today. Yesterday, not only did we get the packing changed, but Scott had an appt to have a chest x-ray and a ct scan of his chest and abdomen. Usually that's not so bad, but I'm so nervous about it. They had him come in because when they did his blood work his liver count was up. This can mean many things, but one thing is cancer. With Scott's history you can see why I'm nervous. We don't know the results as of now, but they are supposed to get them any day. They thought it might be today, but we didn't get any phone calls from them. I hope it wasn't much of anything that made his levels go up. It just scares me because the type of cancer he had in his eye is known to the liver usually. Well, I gotta go and get ready to go to Scott City. Everyone have a wonderful day. I'll post those pictures sometime in the next day or two.

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