Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Praise The Lord!!!

Yay!!! Scott does not have cancer in his liver or anywhere else. The tests came back that all that he has is a fatty liver. It is not a serious thing, in fact they didn't even comment about it except to say that's what it is. What a relief. It is so scary having to wait for results, when you don't know how serious it is. I don't know what else to say about it except Praise The Lord!

But still be praying for us. We are going to Wichita on January 11th to see a fertility specialist. A real fertility specialist....the expensive kind. I'm a little nervous about them being able to help us have a baby, but I guess even if they say we can't, at least we will know. I say this now, but if they say that I will be very depressed for awhile....just to warn everyone. In the long run it will be good to know, but I will be sad. But wouldn't it be great if they say "oh...just do this and it will happen." Maybe 2008 will be our baby year....I hope so. Well, it's late and we are going to Garden tomorrow to get the packing changed again in Scott's eye. And I still have to post the pics of his eye patch. We haven't been too creative in the past week, but with him going back to work, they will make him be creative and draw or write on it. Anyway, hope the new year is going great for everyone already. Love ya'll!

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