Friday, January 15, 2010


Ok, I have to share one more story since I haven't blogged for so long. This happened right before Christmas and made me feel horrible. I was taking my puppy, Spencer out to go potty in Scott City. Well, it was icy/slushy, and he and I slipped. I was carrying him (for a dumb reason now) so that his new Christmas shirt would not get dirty. But when we landed I landed on him and broke his leg. Oh, poor Spencer. He had to go and get an x-ray and then they put a cast on his leg.

It's been a crazy time with the cast. We have to put bread sacks over his cast to go outside to potty, with a hair tie at the top. Scott calls it Spencer's cast Only Scott would think of that one. We also had some family and friends sign it over Christmas. I am going to take pictures of his signed cast (hopefully I can get a few more over the weekend). Scott wants to keep the cast, but I can't imagine keeping it. It smells bad and it really dirty. Then come Monday Spencer gets his cast taken off (and getting "fixed" at the same time..poor guy). He still has to be forced to be calm and not jump around or play a lot (really easy for a 6-7 month old puppy). Oh, crazy times. I felt so bad when I landed on poor Spency. I hope I can get some good pics of his cast before Monday and post them on here. I hope all of you have a great day! Love ya'll.

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