Tuesday, September 30, 2008

About Me

Ok, you have all been wondering what is wrong with me and why I've been sick and why I haven't blogged about it. Well, the MRI showed that I just had sinus blockage. I thought that was so silly, cause I never felt any kind of sinus pressure or blockage. But I thought to humor the dr's I would take some sudafed over the weekend and show them that it didn't work. Well, it worked in a way, but it also made me much sicker than I was before. It started unblocking some of my blockage in my sunuses, but it also started draining down, too. I got a fever (101 most of the weekend) and because it was draining, my throat was so swollen and hurting that even to drink liquid was so painful. It was the most miserable I've felt in a long time. So yesterday the dr called me in a prescription and I started taking it last night. I'm feeling much better, but still not 100% yet. My throat is still sore (but I can drink liquids at least) and my temperature is normal. So that is the story of me. I'm still alive, and now that I have medicine, I should be feeling like I'm alive again. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns. I'm glad it was just a small fixable thing, but I do feel kind of silly for making it out to be so big. But I guess we all live and learn. And like Scott told me, how was I to know it was all just sinus blockage? It was different than I'm used to with sinus blockage.

Anyway, another update for us. They have set the meeting we have to have for October 9th. It's a Thursday, and supposedly she is supposed to move in with us that weekend. I hope they didn't change their minds on us, because the foster mom told us last night that she had talked to a worker that said they might just hold off until December. But if they are having the meeting then I would assume she's moving in. I'll let you know if anything different happens. Keep praying.

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