Monday, September 22, 2008


Ok, this has nothing to do with adopting our daughter. This is a prayer request that could be simple or it could be serious. I'm only putting it on my blog because I don't know any information yet (until tomorrow) and those who read my blog can just be praying until I find out...and then I will let people know if it's serious....if it's not serious then I will have less people to tell. But I've been getting some pretty bad migraines and my meds have not been touching them. This weekend (since Saturday) I've had a pretty bad migraine, but it's been a little different than my other ones. But when Scott and his mom were trying to massage my muscles in my back and neck, they found a lump on the left side of my neck that is very painful to me and it's not in a muscle (that we know of). I have been home today not feeling good (migraine, nausea, neck pain, lightheadedness/dizziness) and I got the dr to listen to me and I'm going in tomorrow. I don't know exactly what it is, but my husband and my dad are even more worried than me. Scott is just worried cause he doesn't know what it is and my dad is worried cause he thinks he knows what it is and it could be fatal to me if not found soon. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I understand that we as the children of God need to take all things to Him in prayer. Scott and I are watching this very close and we are not going to mess around. If anything gets worse we will be in to the ER getting it looked at, but I am pretty sure that I will make it in tomorrow and then I will have my answers. Thank you so much for praying. When I know something I will blog it, so keep checking. If it really is serious, and you are a friend or family member I will be calling you in person. If I don't call you then it's not serious and our prayers have been answered the way we want them to be. I will admit that I'm a little worried, but I'm going to trust in the Lord that He know's all things and all things are for His good (or will be used for His good). I love you all! And thank you for your prayers.

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