Thursday, September 11, 2008

LIf is too busy

I read something once from James Dobson where he said that even a mother of a teenager would do good to be a stay-at-home mom if it allows. Well, our teenager isn't even moved in and I already feel that way. I get so tired by the time I'm done chasing 3-5 year olds all day and then come home to be a wife/mother(eventually full-time) and it takes a lot out of me. It really is like having two full time jobs. But it will work...I was just wanting to share that little bit of insight with everyone. So far things are going well (other than being busy) except that she's not moved in yet. We are getting a little frustrated with the other agency that they aren't getting things done. They were supposed to have sent some papers to SRS last Thursday or on Monday and I got an e-mail today that they hadn't gotten it done but would try to get it done today....and then we have to wait at least 10 days for SRS to do their part....all this before she can move in. I understand that we have to be patient, but it's very hard. Poor Martaysha can't understand why they won't just let her move in. And we have tried to let her know that even though we don't like it either, that we have to be patient (and nice to them...). We try very hard to encourage her throughout the week and keep her from getting angry about it. We told her we are already a family and we are all three here to encourage each other and make each other feel better....I think she liked that thought. She did tell us in a sweet note this past Sunday that she feels like the puzzle of her life is finally getting the pieces together. I wanted to cry, it was so moving. I think our family photo that gets put up on the wall I will get done into a puzzle and then frame it and it will be a symbol that our family puzzle is now coming together with all the pieces. What a great idea. Well, I better go. I have lots of things to do....busy, busy, busy. God bless you all!!!

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