Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend in Alta Vista

We had so much fun in Alta Vista this past weekend....oh and at the Casting Crowns concert. It was Martaysha's first concert ever, and she loved it. We bought her a picture of them so she can have it and she put it in her school binder already. We also listened to our Casting Crowns cd over and over (but that's ok). Martaysha also had a blast camping with my family. She got to go swimming in the lake and tubing behind the boat. She absolutely loved it. I could tell she was exhausted last night when we brought her back to Ellinwood, though. She was getting very upset that we had to bring her back last night, too. She said she is ready to go and chew out the agency and tell them that she's just moving in. I guess she's ready to move in...lol. We are on the countdown though. They did say it would be in September...so it will be within a few weeks. She and I started getting some songs together to sing duets. One of them I think we will share with people when we have the adoption party (along with a song I'm singing for her). She's so much like me in that way.....music speaks to her just like it does for me. I love to use music to communicate my feelings (i guess that's the musician in me). Well, anyway, it was a great weekend. And hopefully in the next few weeks I can post that she is moved in. Keep praying.

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mamma2 said...

I bet you are going to sing In My Daughters Eyes aren't you? :)