Monday, August 25, 2008

Will she ever move in???

Well, another weekend closer to the big move. We are going to a therapy appointment tomorrow with Marty and this will be the deciding factor of how soon this will happen. If the therapist thinks that things are good and if there are no concerns, then it will be a go much faster than we thought. It could be within 2 weeks (I hope). It's getting so hard to leave her on Sunday nights. For us and for her. We can tell as we get closer to Ellinwood that she is quieter and more withdrawn. The mother in me just about dies when I have to watch this and know that she wants to stay with us, but we have to drop her off. Soon....I have to remember....soon. They told us no matter what it would be in that's good. Well, anyway, I just wanted to share a little note on how things are progressing.

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