Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yet another weekend

Ok, we have Martaysha again. We are so ready to just have her move in with us. The weekends are going so well. We have a meeting tomorrow with a St. Francis worker (the one that really decides when it's time to move her in) and our social worker told Martaysha to bring up the fact that she wants to move in already. Our worker thinks that it might speed things up, or at least keep them on track. Martaysha is so excited for this Sunday (well, she's usually excited about Sundays...but this one is different) because she gets to sing with us on our worship team. In fact she asked to do a verse of a praise song, solo. She is such a good singer. She can hit every note with quite a bit of accuracy. Boy, does that warm my heart. I think it's so wonderful that God gave us a daughter that loves music as much as we do. She even asked me tonight if she could play the flute in church sometime. I told her if she practiced up a song, then she could. I have special music sometime in the month of September (I think towards the end) and Marty and I decided that we would sing a mother/daughter duet for it. We are going to pick out a song tomorrow and get her a copy to listen to and practice up for that time. Actually, if we can get things worked up good enough, we might sing a special next Sunday in Alta Vista. We are going there for Labor Day weekend and I know my parents and I will be singing a special at their church. How exciting. Someone actually mentioned to me (I can't remember who) that maybe we could be the next Judds.......well, ok we wouldn't be the Judds, but we could do a few duets. It's still so unbelievable that we finally get to be parents. In fact we were having a talk with Marty tonight about how sometimes it's hard to see what God is doing at the time, but looking back it's easier to see why some things happened. I brought up the month of April and the fact that we didn't get those two little girls. I was so devastated, but looking back I have no regrets because I can't imagine life without Martaysha. I know that God knew that we would get Marty, so He couldn't give us those other girls. What a great lesson to remember.....God does have plans for us that are good for us and not to harm us....even if we think they don't look the best at the time.

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