Monday, August 11, 2008


These are the two pictures we took this weekend at Scott's parents house. We wanted to have pictures to show people when they asked about her. Here they are....we will be getting better ones done probably on the weekend of the 23/24th of this month.

Scott's girls!!!!

Our weekend went so good. She fits so perfect in our family. We got to do so many mother/daughter things. We tried on clothes, did some make-up and hair, we both love jewlery. It was so great. She was a total sweetheart this whole weekend. I don't think we will have any major problems....just the normal teenage ones that come with having a teenage daughter. She opened up to me some already (which I guess tells me she's comfortable with me). We had to bring her home last night and Scott and I talked on the way home that the van (we bought a new van on Friday) seemed way too quiet. Then today at lunch Scott said...."it's just not the same, it's too empty." He misses her just as much as I do....which is so sweet. He wants to just move her in. It's just like any daddy, I think he's already wrapped around her We are picking her up again this Friday (well I am) and we will have her until Sudnay evening...again. I can't wait for this to be over and have her her permanently. And she mentioned it quite a bit that she just didn't see why they couldn't let her move in with us. I think she has a theory of making that work....she left a bunch of stuff her. A pair of shoes, jewelry, some pictures. And she told me she was leaving them....I think she slowly plans to move things in until finally she won't have anything left at the foster home.....I kind of laugh at that. At least she's excited to move in and wants to be here. She's ready for a new family so bad. But anyway, enjoy the pictures and the update.

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