Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prayer Request

Hi everyone. I just have a small prayer request for you all. We are really working on the social workers and other workers that are in charge of the adoption. We had been told that they wanted to go very slow with the process and even moving her in. Well, because things are going so well and Martaysha is begging to move in with us and get on with life in her new family we have been bugging some people that need bugged. It sounds like maybe they are starting to change their minds and maybe considering that our situation can move a little faster. We are not for sure how fast they will let us move, but I get the feeling that if we don't move a little faster than we are, Martaysha might get restless. Just be praying that they will change their minds and allow her to move in. We talked to Martaysha last night on the phone and Scott asked her why she liked us so much since we weren't that special. She told him that we didn't have to be special. I thought that was sweet. But anyway, just keep praying that things will move the way they are supposed to. Thanks a bunch.

*Update: I talked to our social worker, who talked to the other workers (you know how that goes) and right now they don't want to move any faster than 6 weeks. I get a little discouraged by that, but I also understand that there is a process to this. I am just trying to stay positive and remember that she is our daughter even if we have to wait for 6 weeks to get her moved in. We will work with it and praise the Lord for what He has done so far. But keep praying, because I know God can do anything. He may choose to change things, or He may keep them on the path they are going. It's all up to Him....He can see the big picture.

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Denise said...

These next 6 weeks will be here and gone faster than you know. We pray the best will come to you all. Congratulations. :)