Sunday, May 03, 2009

May 8th

Wow! It's finally the week of our finalization. We finalize this coming Friday (May 8th). I'm so excited. Martaysha will finally become a Soodsma. And then we celebrate it the week after when she has her graduation party. This is so cool. As tough as it can be (as it can be with any child) it's also very rewarding and fulfilling to be a mom. I just know this is what I am supposed to be doing. I was created to be a mom. Even if I was created to do nothing else, I at least know that I was made to be a mom. And just in time for Mother's Day. When we were finding out about our finalization and they were telling us it would take 4-6 weeks to get into court (which would have made it the end of May) I just started praying. I wanted to be very selfish in my praying but I first told God that I knew His timing was best and that since we had waited this many months anyway, then I could wait a few more weeks. But then I was real with Him and I told Him that deep down I would love it if we could get into court earlier than the 4-6 weeks. I even added that He could give it to me for Mothers Day and I would gladly have that as a graduation present over anything else I could get. And He did it! I have to be honest I'm used to God having me learn patience or waiting on His timing, but this time I must have passed the test, because my prayer was answered. Ok, I know my prayers are always answered and that sometimes it's a no instead of a yes, but sometimes the no feels like it wasn't answered. Anyway, this ended up being a very long explanation for sharing that we are finalizing. I will keep you all posted. Thanks for all the prayers.

p.s. by the way I should have more time to blog and keep people posted because I resigned from my job. I feel that I need to have more time to be a good wife and mother and not pulled in so many directions. I'm going to substitute teach so that I'm getting out of the house enough, but can say no when I need to be somewhere for Martie or have something that needs my attention.

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