Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bi-polar Treatment

I started a new bi-polar treatment (amidst all that's going on this week). It's an all-natural treatment that has vitamins and herbs in it. I started it on Monday and we've been monitoring me really close to see what it has done. I think it's working. Unless it's just my mind thinking that it's working. But my thoughts haven't been racing as much and when I do have energy it's not an over-abundance, and when things have gotten me down I don't get "down" like I have been known to do. I know it's only the first week, an it will take a few weeks to really know for sure if it's working or not, but the results so far are promising. I just had to share this little bit of news because I had said that I would do that earlier in my blog.

And tomorrow is the "big" day and I'm so excited. Not that Martie doesn't feel like my daughter already, but it's legal and official tomorrow. Her birth certificate will be changed to our names and everything. It makes it so much more real. We've noticed that since we've been getting closer to finalization day, she's been opening up more and more (which I thought maybe she would do). She's shared more about her past than she ever has and has been talking to us about her social life and trusting us more with thing around her. I know it's because she can really know that we are not leaving her now. This whole time she's known that we could change our minds at any time (not that we would have) but to her, our word meant nothing. She's used to being "thrown away" and it's foreign to her that someone would stick around. And now here it is and we have chosen her and we are keeping her. She's coming around and it's so good to finally see her heart coming out. She's such a precious girl. Anyway...I am going to end this post like I used to end my posts and I haven't done it in awhile.

Lord, I just thank you for today. I thank you for family and friends. I pray that you would be with each of them. God I give my daughter to you, she's Yours long before she's ours and I pray that even though we will make many mistakes (and already have) that Your will, will be done in her life. She has such a good heart and so much love and compassion. I pray that You would grow her and use that for Your good. Draw her close to You, help heal her past hurts and like you did with my past, allow good to come from all of it eventually. Lord, I just thank you for what you do in our lives. I don't thank you enough or acknowledge what you do. I take for granted the everyday things. I pray, Lord, that my blog would be used to Your glory and that lives could be touched by it in some way. Thank you for this opportunity to share my heart. In Your name, Amen.

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