Thursday, May 08, 2008

God does not forget us

To start this I need to show you an e-mail that I sent to a friend just today. It went something like this:

Thank you for just being here for me. And thank you for the card....I try so hard to remember and actually believe that God does have a plan for me. I just get so frustrated because I don't know what it is. Sometimes I feel so alone like God has just left me hanging by myself. I "know" that He hasn't, but I just can't seem to grasp that. I feel like he forgot to make a plan for me and forgot that he forgot (does that make sense?). I just feel like I'm hanging here with nothing to do. That's a lot of!

Not more than 10 minutes after sending that to her, I was bored and was searching GodTube for something to watch. I figured if I was going to watch something good, it would be better from GodTube. I just happened upon (yeah....what a coincidence) a video of Chonda Pierce. I had heard of her, but had never seen or heard her speak. She is very funny and I enjoyed listening to it, and then God spoke......well, she did, but it was His words. If you watch the video you will understand (after you've read my e-mail above). She was singing a song that is very familiar to me, but I guess I've never really heard the words like I did today. It was the song "What A Friend We Have In Jesus." She sang it and then spoke a little more and mentioned that God does not forget us......did you read that.....HE DOES NOT FORGET US!!! I had just said to someone that I felt like God forgot about me. I don't even think there's anymore to say about that.

Here's the link for the video:

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