Sunday, May 18, 2008

God is still working

Well, God is still at work. Can you believe it??? ;) I guess I knew that, but it's always nice when He really does show himself. I was not paying attention in Sunday School today. (By the way I go to sunday school with scott and he teaches the high school kids). There is a verse that I have had people quote to me (and make me angry) that kept coming to mind this morning. It's Psalm 37:4 which is the verse that says "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." My argument has always been that the verse was a lie because I delighted in the Lord and He won't give me the desires of my heart. Which at times has made me question the Bible. Ok, that's a whole other subject. But this morning this verse kept coming to mind and I tried to shoo it away, but it wouldn't go away. So I got my Bible and looked it up. Did you know that I have never read around that verse? If I have I have never paid attention. Can I just say, "Whoa!!!" There went God again. The whole chapter 37 talks about the wicked and how it seems that they prosper and the righteous don't, but not to be angry when it seems that way because in the end they will perish and the righteous will prosper. That has been exactly how I've felt lately. Everyone who does bad things seems to be blessed with children galore, while we live a good clean life (without drugs and alcohol, etc.) and haven't been able to have children. I've been very bitter and angry about that. But then God steps in and speaks this to me. That it will seem like the wicked gets their way, but in the end they are the ones who perish. So if you get a chance, read Psalm 37 and let me know what you think of that. I know others that think the same way I do that life just isn't fair and it seems bad people get good things.....but God still has His hands in it all. He knows what He's doing (very hard to remember that). It's like I taught to the young youth group (Fishers Of Men) at church today....Joseph had a very hard life. He was sold as a slave by his brothers, he was thrown in jail for doing the right thing and yet God was in it all and it was all in His plan. WOW!!! Can't wait to see what my story turns out to be.

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Steph said...

Thanks for the reminder and the Bible passage! I continue to pray for you!

Steph (from SS)