Sunday, March 30, 2008

Getting the New Eye!

I guess the only thing to tell you is that this is what happened when Scott got his new eye. Because of the time it takes to upload pictures on our computer, I only uploaded some of the 44 pictures that we have. Enjoy....and I hope it doesn't gross anyone out too bad.

In the parking lot, getting ready to leave
for the dr's office.

Matching the eyeballs....ewww! I do need
to tell you that we watched him paint the eyeball.
He makes them right there on the spot (and he himself
paints them). He is very talented and was able to match
the color perfectly. Ask me how it's done and I'll explain how
it's would take up too much space to do it on here.

The Eyeball!

This was the eyeball before the eyelids
were sculpted.

Sculpting the eyelids...looks like peanut
butter all over his eye.

Looking better.

Perfecting the eyelids.

Can't even hardly tell that the eye is
not real.

Scott was really asleep when I took this
picture. This was the weirdest thing to
look at.

This is the real Scott coming out.
The eye was supposed to come out because
it wasn't glued into place earlier (it needed
to dry). We knew it would fall out, but weren't
expecting it quite so soon. We went to Olive Garden to eat and it came out while we were there......but it didn't fall in the spaghetti

Scott left the eye on the table at the motel for the night (we're glueing it in on Sunday morning). This was the weirdest thing to wake up to. It looks like someone just scooped out a part of Scott's face. It is very real looking.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at parts of the process of getting a new eye and eyelids. I have more pictures and if you are around me I will show you the photo album that I made with all the pictures.


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The eye looks very good. Sounds like everything is going good.

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