Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well, the countdown continues......and it seems to be taking forever. Is this what it's like when a woman has just a few days before her baby is born? I got the room un-decorated, and now we just wait for Martaysha to come and decorate it in her own way. We have a dresser and an nightstand that I was going to re-paint before she got here....but I decided that maybe she would have fun painting them in her own colors. And since I love to paint things, it can be a mother/daughter project. Maybe we can pick a bunch of different colors and make the drawers on the dresser really colorful. I guess we'll see what she would like to do. I can't believe that we're down to 4 days. I'm getting more excited as the days go by, but my nervousness is growing as well. I guess this is normal. We heard from our social worker that Martaysha is just as excited and nervous as us. So we (I) wrote her a letter to tell her a little more about us and just make that little bit of contact before Wednesday. And the meeting is Tuesday, so when I get the phone call, I will be back on here blogging I assume. It seems so weird to be planning this already when they haven't even had the staffing, but we've been assured that our chances of getting her are 99.9% certain. Our profile was already given out to all those that will be in attendance at the staffing, and they all contacted our social worker and said they were all 100% for us being the adopted parents. And the fact that they told Martaysha about us is a big thing. They wouldn't tell her if they weren't completely certain it was going to happen. wow! We are starting out with a 13 year old......that's just a little weird to me. I just hope we can do this. But I guess if we were able to handle Curtis this past fall, we can handle Martaysha. I'll keep posting all our updates so everyone knows how it all goes.

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