Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I can't believe that I get my daughter in a week. It seems like not enough time, but yet, forever at the same time. It's just a dream come true that I will be a mom. Ok, that's all good, but I probably should share how the surgery went (all the gory It went good. I've had some cramping, but not bad. If I over-exert myself then I hurt more, but I'm able to do more and more everyday. The dr said that I had an enlarged uterus when she went in (I don't know yet what that could mean), she found a polyp (a growth of tissue), and of course my lining was thicker than it should be. It all went good and they just have to send the tissue in for testing (just to make sure I don't have cancer...scary I know...but it's all good). Other than that I will get to talk to her on August 6th when I go for my follow-up appointment. Scott really likes my dr which is a nice change after my other drs. But anyway, I gotta go. I guess here in a week or so I will have much more to blog about (and her name is Martaysha). I'll keep everyone updated as we go along.

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