Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have to start this blog by saying that I am very nervous. No....not about waiting to hear about the girl we might adopt.....but because I have to have surgery now. I am having what's called a D&C. Which means that I get my womanly parts scraped out. It's what they do after a miscarriage to get the rest of the baby out (very gross....sorry). Well, I didn't have a miscarriage, but the other problems I have made this necessary. I'm nervous. The only other time I was put completely out was my senior year when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Thank goodness Scott is very willing to help me out...and my fave sis-in-law said that if I need someone to help me out she would come and stay with me. I will find out about the surgery on the 17th of July (at a pre-op appt.) and then the surgery on the 21st. I should find out the 17th what all happens at the surgery and all the details that I need to know. Maybe I won't be as nervous after I know what will really happen.....or maybe I'll be more nervous when I find out exactly what happens. At least I will have Scott there....and our chances of getting pregnant after this are supposed to be pretty good.....we'll see I guess. I'm not going to guarantee that I will be pregnant, but if it happens I will let you all know. I guess all I can say now is that I want lots of prayers that I won't be so nervous, and that it works. I don't want to spend money on a surgery that won't work for me and things just go back to normal. Well, that's about all I can say about this. Just pray for me on the 21st that the surgery will go well. Thanks so much!

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