Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Staffing today

Well, as I type, they are getting ready to start the meeting. I could find out within the hour about Martaysha. I got an e-mail from our social worker this morning that made me cry (a good crying). I had e-mailed a letter and some pictures for Martaysha to see to calm her nerves. I didn't know if it would work or not, but just read the e-mail to see what happened.

I am sorry that I did not get back to you on this email yesterday. I did meet with Martaysha. I actually went with her to a therapy appointment. That is where she read your letter and seen your pictures. She is now even more excited about the possibility of you being her forever family. The therapist and case manager reported that they have not seen her smile as much as she did yesterday. I spent about an hour with her following her appointment and she admitted that she is more excited then nervous now. She asked when she would get to meet you and explained to her the game plan. She is very nervous about you reading her file and changing your minds about adoption. I (along with everyone else) tried to reassure her on this. Well, I am getting ready to head out for Liberal. If you need to visit with me before the staffing at 2:00pm. I will definitely be calling you after the staffing.


Martaysha has nothing to worry about. No way at all could I ever not pick her. I'm only reading the profile because they said we have to and it will help me get to know Marty better. I would never not choose to take her home. I already have a heart bursting with love (a miracle from God) and I feel as if she is really my daughter (which sounds so cool to say). I will be back on very soon and I will post the results of the meeting....which I think we already know. I'll be back.

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