Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Miracles

I love the Hallmark channel. I love the movies that they have on during the Christmas season. Each one seems to have a great story about Christmas angels or Christmas Miracles. I'm not sure how theologically correct each movie is about their theories of angels and miracles, but I do believe in both. I watched a couple of great movies tonight. (we are leaving for OKC again, but we're leaving at 1:00 in the morning....in about an hour from when I'm writing this) The whole time I was watching the movies I kept thinking about the movie Facing the Giants. Nothing is impossible with God.....I truly believe that. I don't know if it is the movies I've been watching or if it's really a true feeling, but I just keep getting the feeling that God is going to do a work in my life. I don't have any idea how or when, I just feel like He is going to do something awesome. Ok, He's already done some wonderful things in my life, but I just feel like there's something else coming. It's the same type of feeling that I got at the beginning of the year. I told Scott then that we had to prepare for something. I wasn't sure what it was, but I just knew that we needed to spend a lot of time with God in preparation....and then just months later the cancer showed up. I feel that God was preparing us for that even then. And now I just can't help but think that God is doing the same thing....but this time I feel like we are going to witness some kind of miracle. I don't know. I could be wrong....but it's so exciting to think about. I get this excited feeling....and I just can't help but think that God is sitting there with a smile on His face saying "Just wait and see what's going to happen...it's going to be great!" I've got theories of what I would like it to be, but I can't say it will be any of those. There's music, there's the baby thing, there's Scott's cancer, or it could be something totally different. I know when I talked about Christmas in an earlier post, I described how Christmas made me feel......and I can't help but think that it's the time for miracles. You hear stories all the time about Christmas miracles happening and if you're like me you wish they could happen to you. What if this year I get to be the one sharing the story....just what if... But then I think about this....how many miracles happen to us that we just pass off as coincidence or just an everyday occurance. Maybe we need to be paying more attention to what God's doing in our lives.

Ok, anyway I'm rambling again. I tend to do that, as you probably have noticed by now if you've read my blogs. It's funny, I was talking to my sister, Michaela, about the adoption stuff one day and I told her that God could do anything and that we needed to pray for a Christmas miracle. I said we should put our faith in Him because He can do anything. I think my msn messenger name for awhile was "let's pray for a Christmas miracle." God does some amazing things and I can't wait to see what He does this time. I'll for sure be posting anything that happens. Because if I get my Christmas miracle that I've been praying for (no matter what it is) I want to share it with everyone. So let's all go out on faith and pray for a Christmas miracle!

Lord, I just want to praise Your name. You are awesome and nothing is impossible with you. You can still perform miracles today and I just pray that when it happens to us that we will recognize it for what it is. I pray that I keep in mind that it could be anything. It may not be what I'm thinking. Thank you for everything you have already given to us...family, friends, our health, food, a house, a car, and the list could go on and on. Keep us safe as we travel yet tonight and then right after the appointment. Help us to stay awake when we need to and to rest when we need to. Again, thank you so much for everything. I love You!!!

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