Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"God" feelings

Has anyone ever experience gut feelings that have been from God?  I seem to experience those sometimes and very rarely are they wrong.  Sometimes it gets scary, but not in like a horror movie scary, just in a weird, I can't believe this is going on scary.  I knew my sis-in-law Tanna was pregnant before she even found out (I told her she was and she denied it until she took a test and it was positive).  I knew my other sis-in-law Tonya was pregnant.  I kept telling Scott that she was pregnant (this was going on like the whole month of August and September) and at the end of September she told me she was pregnant.  Then I told Scott that my good friend Sabrina was going to have a baby this year and that I thought she was pregnant...within two weeks she told me she was pregnant (ok so far they seem to have to do with babies).  I also have been able to have a gut instinct with Marti.  I seem to be able to tell when she's doing something.  Whenever she's gotten into major trouble (well, not extremely major...just more than we like) I've had a feeling about it before it happened.  Maybe the Marti thing is just a Mother's instinct, I don't know.  But it is kind of weird.  I just wanted to share cause it is just weird to me.  Maybe I'm insane, maybe I'm not.  I don't know.  It's just something that was on my mind today.  Thought I would share it.  

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