Friday, March 06, 2009

Holding on to God

I was thinking about Job today. Actually it was in a devotion that we did at suppertime today. But it hit me. Job lost everything, his health, his wealth, his children. He was miserable. He was the perfect candidate to be able to complain and even curse God. But he didn't. He still praised God. Look at me. I have a great husband, I have good friends, I have family that loves me and supports me even when I'm a butt. I have even more things that I'm not even thinking of right now. I have a good job, a roof over my head, I have a beautiful daughter (a miracle from God), and like I said much more to count as blessings. But here I am and I think I have a reason to complain. Yes, there are days that I feel overwhelmed. I feel depressed and worthless. But God is always there, and I do not need to curse His name. I tried to teach my daughter a lesson last night at supper. It happened by accident, but it was the perfect thing. Scott had bought a pop for her (for after her Karate class) and we decided to let her drink it with supper. Well, there was water in all the glasses, so I took her glass and poured the water down the drain. Marti started whining and told me I was mean and that wasn't nice of me to pour her drink down the drain. So I told her that sometimes in life you have to give something up and it seems unfair and you don't understand it, but that usually something better is coming if we will just be patient and wait for it. I brought up the baby thing and told her that sometimes I get angry and think it's unfair that I can't have a baby, but that only God can see the whole picture and He must have something bigger and better in mind for me. She didn't know it, but I had to get rid of her water to give her the pop. I saw the whole picture, she didn't. And she got something so much better out of it...but she had to be willing to give up "her" will, and surrender to "my" will. Isn't that how we should be with God? Why do we fight with him? He can see so much more than us. What if I'm trying to settle for "water" and He's trying to give me "pop". If I won't give up what I have now, He can't give me what's better. Sometimes great life lessons happen at the strangest times (like at 8:00....suppertime). Are you willing to give up your "water" so that God can give you "pop"?

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