Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not this time

I took a test this weekend while I was away.  It was negative.  I am disappointed, but I am choosing to hold on to God thru it all.  It's just hard not knowing what God's will is in all of this.  I'm trying not to be depressed about it, but it's like I read on a website that I post on (on a daily basis) a woman who can't have a baby, misses that baby as if she is missing a person.  Even though she's never met this person.  I am trying something new here in a week or so.  I read about it in a parents magazine of mine and I did a lot of research about it.  It has gotten a lot of good reviews and the studies that they did on it were very good.  It's called Fertilityblend.  It's all natural (it's herbs and vitamins) and it's supposed to increase fertility.  There is a blend for men as well as women, so we are trying both blends.  Since it is all natural there are not the side-effects that come with using the clomid that I was going to try.  And it costs about the same that the clomid would cost.  So we would be at about the same place we would be if we tried it.  If you were to research the side-effects of clomid, you would see why I thought I would try something all natural first.  And if it works, then I will be very happy.  If not, we are in the same place that we are in now.  Well, I am at my parents house and spending time with them before I go back home.  I'll be back on later this week.  (I should be getting my fertilityblend this week).    

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